Effective Retirement Age vs. Official Retirement Age

As we as humans get older, we find that we wish to be rewarded for our accomplishments that we achieved during life. One of the greatest luxuries that we receive towards the end of our lives is of when we can enter retirement. The official age of retirement and effective age of retirement are two different things that change from country to country. For example, although one may declare retirement at an earlier age than is officially possible, your retirement funds may not be able to kick in until your country has decided you are legally of retirement age. For example, although one in living in Mexico may wish to retire at the age of 65, as that is the official age of retirement in the country, it is rare that they can retire until they reach the effective age of retirement at year 73.

On the other hand, the countries of France and Austria have the lowest average retirement age, with people frequently being able to retire before their 60th Birthday and are actually able to effectively retire before they reach their countries official age of retirement. It seems wise that one who wishes to rest on their laurels and spend more and more time with their friends and family would wish to live in a country that has the lowest effective age of retirement possible.



The Truth About Infographics

So, all those infographics? Turns out that it’s all part of an incredibly sophisticated keyword-spamming operation! Which is convenient, because, honestly, we were all kind of getting a little tired of them. Here’s an infographic to explain how the infographic-spam industry works.